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Sylla Women’s Organic Market Gardening Seminar

The extension year to this four-year project concluded with a seminar where successes as well as lessons learnt were discussed…

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Working with Farmers

Rice farming intensification and diversification: work has continued with two demonstration farmers…

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Livestock Health

Ba Djiby, left, is one of the two lead pastoralist Livestock Health practitioners we have trained and equipped to tour their respective regions inoculating animals against common diseases…

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Well Digging

The Leqceiba well has reached 17 meters and is now awaiting the height of the dry season…

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Big Walk : Section 4 Completed – Garsdale to Presteigne

A fantastic stage from Garsdale in Cumbria to Presteigne in Wales, home of Rainbow…

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Launch of ‘Friends’ of Rainbow Development in Africa

Representing extremely good ‘value for money’ in that we conduct very effective development work on a very modest budget 90% of which goes directly to projects, we are seeking supporters who can benefit from this by becoming charity ‘Friends.’

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Sylla Women’s Organic Market Garden Project Extension

The extension year to this four-year project is well under way…

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Welcome To Rainbow Development In Africa!

Rainbow Development in Africa works with farmers and farming communities in southern Mauritania and northern Senegal, West Africa.

Working always through local partners, our objectives are food security and sustainable livelihoods. We dig wells, promote organic farming methods and environmental protection, provide training programs, agricultural services and much else.

Our core commitments remain:

To provide direct, grassroots assistance.

To focus on the causes of poverty.

To maximise cost efficiency.

To foster confidence and self-determination amongst Africans.

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