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Livestock/Fodder Production

Our two livestock health trainers continue to do their work…

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Maize and Millet Farming

Over 400 rain-fed and flood-recession farmers (representing a population of approx. 4,900) have been supplied with fertilisers and pesticides…

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Trade Fair First Prize

In October last year partner ADMAPE participated in a large regional agro-pastoral and artisanal trade fair…

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Market Gardening

Thirty-one women’s co-operatives have been helped this year to set up and run successful market gardens…

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Livestock Health

Our two livestock health trainers continue to circulate amongst a semi-pastoral community…

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Dust Storm approaching Leqceiba

The climate in southern Mauritania continues to be as unsettled as our own…

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Fruit Tree Nursery and Market Gardening

Partner ADMAPE have established a small fruit tree nursery…

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Welcome To Rainbow Development In Africa!

Rainbow Development in Africa works with farmers and farming communities in southern Mauritania and northern Senegal, West Africa.

Working always through local partners, our objectives are food security and sustainable livelihoods. We dig wells, promote organic farming methods and environmental protection, provide training programs, agricultural services and much else.

Our core commitments remain:

To provide direct, grassroots assistance.

To focus on the causes of poverty.

To maximise cost efficiency.

To foster confidence and self-determination amongst Africans.

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