UK Registered Charity No: 1087744

Credit Enterprise

Harratin women counting up.

Many women’s groups have no official status, are poorly organised and managed and have little to do. Our micro-credit program helps address all three of these issues.

Credit Enterprise, also know as micro-credit, is well recognised as one of the most effective ways of helping some of the most disadvantaged people out of poverty. It involves the use of a revolving fund to assist the start up of income-generating enterprises. The majority of the funds are lent to women’s groups and cooperatives which take charge of their own schemes, lending between the equivalent of £12 and £50 to their members who have 24 months to repay their loans plus a little interest for the benefit of the group. Typically, repayment rates are in the region of 95%.

Credit Enterprise is particularly effective in helping women who often do not have any means of earning money. With their profits, they can pay directly for some of their and their children’s most basic medical and nutritional needs.

The revolving fund is topped up periodically as well as increasing through the repayment the loans plus a small amount of interest.

Activities women undertake vary from commerce in such things as cloth, smoked fish and vegetables, to setting up small enterprises washing clothes or livestock.

Often, one of the most concrete and unexpected benefits of engaging with communities during our credit enterprise program is the encouragement and confidence it gives to women to undertake individual or sometimes collective commercial activities for the first time in their lives.