UK Registered Charity No: 1087744

Community Development

A meeting with a pastoralist community advising them on the setting up of a commitee to oversee the equable and hygenic use of water from a well.

Inter-village visits to learn from each others’ market garden initiatives.

A seminar on organisational development.

Farmers meeting with government agricultural development officials.

Community Development is the term we use to cover the holistic engagement we undertake with communities. Our aim is to see active communities up to the task of assessing and tackling the problems that face them. They can only do this if they are well organised, at both the village and inter-village levels. ADMAPE, as part of their on-going agricultural work and other activities, conducts organisational training and helps people go about the process of setting up legal groups, such as cooperatives and village or inter-village associations.

Systematic and prolonged marginalisation of the peoples of southern Mauritania has led to communities that are demoralised. This, along with the effects of climate change that have devastated traditional ways of life and global economic and trading conditions that do not favour the poor, means that local people need to be more unified and organised in order to improve their lives.

ADMAPE engage with communities on many different levels, whether it is simply inviting them to participate in a training or awareness-raising seminar, or conducting agricultural training in their fields, or explaining the concept of Credit Enterprise to them. In this way, gradually even some of the most remote and impoverished communities can gain a foothold of empowerment.

Broadcasts via local radio, meetings, training sessions, in-field demonstrations, logistical support and, above all, encouragement are the tools ADMAPE use to bring Community Development to people otherwise quite able to find their own solutions to their problems.