UK Registered Charity No: 1087744

Agricultural Service Provision

Partner ADMAPE provide a number of agricultural related services to the farming communities of the Mid-Gorgol region of southern Mauritania. Separate from the other activities they undertake as part of their development work, these services are run along commercial lines. The selection, production and marketing of quality seed, and sales of fruit and other tree saplings from their tree nursery, produce a small income which contributes towards ADMAPE’s running costs. Other activities they are from time to time involved in are transport of agricultural goods, tractor land works and many forms of logistical work for farmers, their communities and even local authorities.

All the above activities, as well as creating an income, assist farmers enormously. Access to good seed is an issue so critical, locally produced quality varieties are sought after avidly. Tree saplings are immensely hard to come by, so access to reasonably priced, healthy ones both helps farmers diversify and helps re-tree the area. Logistical and transport factors are frequently amongst the most problematic of issues for agricultural communities. Having a reliable and reasonable agency able to assist with such matters is invaluable.

Transporting a broken pump to a workshop, taking groups of farmers up-country to seek out and destroy swarms of crop-eating birds, bringing a delegation of World Bank officials to a remote community, or ploughing 20 hectares of land belonging to a consortium of 30 poor farmers are amongst the types of activities AMAPE are involved in.