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Charity founder and trustee Peter Hudson with Mohamedou Sall, Director of local partner ADMAPE, and wife Fama.

Charity trustee Mark Hudson with various members of the Sall family in Leqceiba, south Mauritania.

ADMAPE agronomist Djiby Ba with Ramata Malal Sow, president of the 329 strong Sylla Women’s Cooperative: behind them is the first planting of Sylla project windbreak trees.

Mohamedou Sall of ADMAPE standing behind farmer showing healthy millet crop.

Director Mohamedou Sall and agronomist Djiby Ba of local partner ADMAPE.

Rainbow Development in Africa was registered as a charity in July 2001 with the objective of poverty alleviation in Africa. Director Peter Hudson founded the charity as a result of his long-term relationship with the Mid-Gorgol region of the Senegal River Valley in southern Mauritania. Here, as well as in parts of northern Senegal, the charity works with marginalised farmers and farming communities, helping them develop ways for their communities to become more economically and environmentally viable.

Our Approach

Rainbow Development in Africa works on a policy of addressing the causes as much as the results of poverty.  One way we do this is by helping local people to identify and find solutions themselves to the many problems that face them. Empowering local people in this manner, we believe, is the most sustainable form of development assistance, as it is only through the efforts of local people and the bodies that govern them that meaningful change can be brought about.

Focusing primarily on agricultural issues, agriculture being the main economic activity of the region, Rainbow Development in Africa helps people develop better farming techniques, often promoting and adapting local innovations and initiatives.  Engaging with communities in this manner necessarily involves increasing local organisational abilities, as well as creating a better local awareness of opportunities and problems.  In these ways, people are helped to seek solutions to their own problems and to form the grassroots civil society groupings such as village associations and unions that are the key to holding governing institutions accountable.

Rainbow Development in Africa works always through the medium of a local development partner (see below for details).

Structure and Funding

Rainbow Development in Africa operates from the border town of Presteigne, Mid-Wales. We have three trustees of which Director and founder, Peter Hudson, is one. The other two are Mark Hudson and Gregory Kronsten.

Benefiting from the long-term, intimate nature of our relationship with the region in which we work, Rainbow Development in Africa is able to operate with extreme cost efficiency.  This means that not only can over 95% of all funds raised go directly to financing our activities, but we are able to punch well above our weight, utilising a very small budget to conduct development work of a sophistication and long-term effectiveness more normally associated with much larger charities.

Rainbow Development in Africa is funded by private Trusts and Foundations, sponsored walks, other events and private donations.  All work in the UK is conducted on a voluntary basis.

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Local partner ADMAPE

Rainbow Development in Africa works very closely with ADMAPE (Assistance pour le Developpement et la Modernisation de la Agriculture et la Protection de la Environnement), our local partner in southern Mauritania through whom we conduct all our work. Indeed, it was Rainbow Development in Africa who helped set up ADMAPE in 2001. This included providing them with training and various resources, such as a physically constructed centre from where activities could take place, a tractor and a pick-up truck .

Today, ADMAPE is a locally registered NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), well known and respected in the Gorgol region of Southern Mauritania.  Besides managing all the on-the-ground activities, ADMAPE also provides various agricultural services to the mid-Gorgol farming community, such as seed provision, a tree sapling nursery and logistical help to farmers.  ADMAPE operates from the small, regional town of Leqceiba in the Mid-Gorgol region.  There are nine members of its Executive and a General Membership numbering some dozens.  Mohamedou Sall is its Director, with Djiby Ba, an agronomist, acting as activities coordinator.

The success of Rainbow Development in Africa and ADMAPE’s work is the direct result of the long-term and trusting relationship they have with each other.

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How You Can Help

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