UK Registered Charity No: 1087744

Women’s Market Gardens April 2018

ADMAPE have conducted 3 training workshops this year for 70 members of 10 women’s cooperatives. Learning covered compost making and the production of natural herbicides and pesticides.

ADMAPE have also continued their in-field support and training with the 26 women’s cooperatives (comprising 1280 members) with whom they are already engaged. The focus has been on organisational training (book keeping; membership; petty cash; marketing and planning) and agronomic know-how.

In addition to the above work and in keeping with ADMAPE’s objective of seeking out particularly remote and marginalised communities, 4 new Harratin villages have been engaged and supported this year with training, seed and small tools. Direct and indirect beneficiaries of all these activites number some 70,000 people.

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