UK Registered Charity No: 1087744


Following on from ADMAPE’s success in winning First prize in a regional trade fare, the have been involved in many activities giving a voice to local people and their local agricultural industry, and lobbying state agencies on their behalf. Primarily they have been assisting the government in the setting up of a large Economic Interest Group (GIE) which covers 60 large agricultural cooperatives.  The purpose of the GIE is both to create a structure that is able to coordinate and receive state assistance in the form of cheap tractor hire and cheap inputs, and also to create the means by which production and yields can be monitored with a view to establishing whether the government should impose heavier taxes on imports of certain products at the time when similar local ones are at market. ADMAPE have been charged with monitoring the output of 2 of the cooperatives.  They have also been assisting the program with logistics and advice.

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