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Marketing: ADMAPE successfully lobbied local authorities on behalf of farmers for the setting up of 3 additional weekly markets during the main harvesting season…

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Traditional and Irrigation Farming April 2018

After a number of years introducing and promoting the use of ‘Bulldog’ pesticide to combat the annually crippling effects of caterpillar infestation on the staple millet crop, take-up of the simple and sparing application technique has been almost universal amongst locals…

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Agroforestry April 2018

ADMAPE continue to promote the planting of fruit trees that provide increased incomes and nutrition as well as shade and soil stabilising…

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Livestock Health April 2018

The near total failure of the rains has put extra emphasis on the work ADMAPE have been conducting for a number of years with pastoralists and farmers, in the promotion of and training in the production of fodder crops…

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Women’s Market Gardens April 2018

ADMAPE have conducted 3 training workshops this year for 70 members of 10 women’s cooperatives. Learning covered compost making and the production of natural herbicides and pesticides.

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Forest Protection

Over a series of seminars and community visits across the region ADMAPE have been raising awareness of climate change and strategies to combat it…

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Following on from ADMAPE’s success in winning First prize in a regional trade fare, the have been involved in many activities giving a voice to local people and their local agricultural industry, and lobbying state agencies on their behalf…

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Welcome To Rainbow Development In Africa!

Rainbow Development in Africa works with farmers and farming communities in southern Mauritania and northern Senegal, West Africa.

Working always through local partners, our objectives are food security and sustainable livelihoods. We dig wells, promote organic farming methods and environmental protection, provide training programs, agricultural services and much else.

Our core commitments remain:

To provide direct, grassroots assistance.

To focus on the causes of poverty.

To maximise cost efficiency.

To foster confidence and self-determination amongst Africans.

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